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With winter well and truly here it is more important than ever to keep your little ones warm. However, juggling practicality with style is an issue that many parents fight at this time of year. The need for your child be cosy naturally takes precedence, but that doesn’t mean that they have to compensate their style. Moschino is a brand that has perfectly balanced these two elements in their new collection and have created a fun, charming and practical range that your child is sure to love. To guide you through this adorable collection Chocolate Clothing have put together this selection of our favourites.

Baby Grows

When the weather is bitter the last thing your baby wants to wear is overcomplicated statement pieces. Instead, a simple baby grow is a much better way to go. Moschino has created a number of cute baby grows this season, which are perfected for cosy winter days. The soft cotton material and fun teddy bear prints that cover most of the pieces create a warm cosy feeling to the collection, which is ideal for everyday wear. Check out some of the Moschino baby grows we offer below.


Moschino Unisex Romper with Teddy Bear Print £87, Moschino Baby’s Unisex Cream Baby Grow Gift Set with Teddy Bear Print, £71

Gift Sets

A fun little gift set can really cheer anyone up, especially when it contains winter essentials. The fun thing about a gift set is that it’s a great way to get matching winter accessories in a complete set; giving your child’s closet an organised appearance. Items within sets can easily be mixed and matched in a number of ways to create a truly unique look. Moschino have proved this with their selection of cute accessory gift sets. The mixture of winter essentials with the brand’s signature quirky teddy bear print will refresh any child’s closet instantly.


Moschino Baby’s Unisex White Hat, Socks and Mitts Gift Set with Teddy Bear Print, £71, Moschino Baby Boy’s Blue Hat and Bib Set with Teddy Bear Print, £61


We all want to be cosy during winter, and there really is no bigger comfort than a warm tracksuit. The slouchy style and soft material lends itself perfectly for this time of year, whilst the coordinated nature of these sets provides a put-together leisurewear look with ease. To celebrate this leisurewear classic Moschino has created a number of fun and comfortable tracksuits to see your child through the winter period. Check out a couple of their offerings below!


Moschino Girl’s Pink Tracksuit with Heart Logo Print, £142, Moschino Baby’s Unisex Grey Tracksuit Set with Black Text Print, £116.

Winter really is a time for wrapping up, and Moschino’s Autumn/Winter collection is the perfect addition to any child’s wardrobe this season. The wide range of baby grows, sweaters, tracksuits and winter accessory sets give you plenty of options to suit any child’s taste. Find all the pieces mentioned in this article both on our online store and in our flagship shop.


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