Suited and Booted: Boys Formal Wear

A well tailored suit is a must have wardrobe essential, as they will always be in style. No other item of clothing perfectly encapsulates the masculine silhouette in a clean and streamlined way. The right suit can help emphasise your boy’s frame, creating a timeless and quintessentially handsome silhouette. The classic suit can also be worn in a number of social situations including formal and party occasions, making it hugely versatile. To help your boy nail the tailored look this season we’ve created this guide to spice up your boy’s formal wear.

Don’t Be Afraid of Print

Many people shy away from prints when it comes to their formalwear. After all, the classic idea of tailored items is that they are versatile and sophisticated pieces. So the idea of embellishing them with a bold print can make many people run for the hills. However, we’re here to tell you not to, as a print can help breathe new life into a formal item. Adding a print is a great way to add a youthful twist to a piece. This Boy’s Black Waistcoat from Fendi (£140) is a perfect example. The classic silhouette has been updated with a yellow lightning bolt detailing all over, adding a fun pop of colour and print to the design, which is ideal for livening up any formal attire!


Experiment with Texture

A great way to refresh any item of clothing is also to experiment with texture. This is another area that people can often shy away from when it comes to suits and other formal wear, however it can make a huge difference. Panels of contrasting fabric, lapel detailing and even stitchwork are all great ways to breathe new life into classic tailored pieces. For example this Boy’s Grey Double Knitted Trussardi Blazer with Blue Sleeves (£102) perfectly demonstrates this. The contrast of knit techniques and colours refreshes the classic blazer silhouette, giving it a modern and youthful appearance.


A Two-Piece Never Goes Out of Style

Trends may come and go but a suit is forever. A timeless suit is something which can be worn time and time again without ever feeling dated. For a truly versatile look, opt for a boy’s suit in a simple black, grey or navy blue. These are the most common colours of suits dues to their flexibility when wearing them. Suit items can be paired together or mixed with other items for a pared down look. This matching Blue Blazer (£161) and boy’s Trousers (£88) with black trimming from Little Marc Jacobs is the perfect example of this. The combination of a versatile colour scheme and simplistic silhouette makes for a timeless and versatile look.


Have Fun with Shirts

Just because you’re going for a formal look doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Bring some personality to your boy’s look with a printed shirt. This is a fun and inexpensive way to liven up any formal attire. Pair a printed shirt with simple tailored trousers for an elegant yet quirky look. You can also break up the print further with a simple blazer or tie, creating a balanced aesthetic. This Billybandits Boy’s White Long Sleeve Shirt with Black Dog Print and Bow Tie (£35) is ideal for this! The combination of a formal long sleeve silhouette with black dog print creates a bold contrast, which is perfect for brightening up any formal look. The print is further broken up through the black bow tie, adding another quirky feature.


Creating a tailored look has never been so easy, thanks to these handy tips for creating smart looks for boys from the experts at Chocolate Clothing. So go forth and be stylish! All of the products mentioned in this piece can be purchased through Chocolate Clothing both in-store and online.

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