Smells like Kid Spirit – How To Achieve The Perfect Rockstar Look

Incase you haven’t noticed, the 90’s is back with a vengeance. Yes – the decade that brought us butterfly hair grips and buffalo boots has once again being taken to the hearts of the fashion darlings, resulting in a resurgence in 90’s inspired trends.

girl with a guitar on a white backgroundgirl with a guitar on a white backgroundgirl with a guitar on a white backgroundgirl with a guitar on a white background

One of the biggest fashion tribes of the decade was grunge. Its mixture of relaxed silhouettes, layered flannel and generally disheveled aesthetic roared through the Seattle underground scene and went on to inspire and whole generation – and now it’s back! To help your child nail a look that Kurt and Courtney would be proud of we’ve put together our guide to grunge clothing must-haves

Flannel Shirts

A flannel shirt is one of the most instantly recognisable items of the the grunge look. Whether worn on it’s own or layered over a t-shirt, a flannel shirt is sure to give your child the relaxed ‘devil may care’ look. The great thing about this staple piece is that it totally unisex, the flannel shirt can be implemented into both your boy’s or girl’s closet with minimal effort. Get the look with the shirts seen below.


Boy’s blue and red check Timberland shirt with blue pocket, £15.40. Boy’s turquoise and red Timberland checked shirt, £19.60.

Ripped Jeans

One of the defining elements of grunge style is its distressed aesthetic, and a great way to achieve this look is through lived-in looking clothing. A pair of distressed or ripped jeans is a great way to introduce this design element to your child’s wardrobe. A pair of ripped jeans are hugely versatile and instantly adds a hint of texture to any outfit – giving your child’s closet that true punk-rock feel. Why not try these boy’s blue ripped jeans from Diesel, £80.80, or maybe Miss Grant’s girl’s blue distressed jeans, £37.


Leather Jacket

Nothing screams rock ‘n’ roll quite like a cool leather jacket. Classic yet rebellious, a quality leather jacket will be staple in any child’s wardrobe. A traditional black or brown is always a safe and flexible option, whilst a bolder colour can really add impact to your little one’s look.


Girl’s black DKNY biker jacket with leather detailing,£ 54.60, Boy’s brown Roberto Cavalli Junior leather jacket with engraved logo, £334

Baby Grows

Your baby may not be able to play a guitar just yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look the part. Baby grows are a great way to add a punk edge to your little one’s closet. Look for printed rompers with rebellious prints or satirical quotes. Rock Star Baby is a great brand to check out for this. Their mixture of rock’n’roll themed prints and fun gift sets are perfect to get your baby started on their road to rockstar status.


Rockstar Baby baby boy grey skull print baby grow, hat and bib set, £31.50, Rockstar Baby baby girl’s white hooded baby grow with silver glitter star print £27.50

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