At Chocolate Clothing we have some wonderfully fashionable options for new walkers to allow them to take their formative steps in style.

Little Feet

It’s an exciting and emotional time encouraging your child to take their first steps on their own, which makes finding the right footwear essential to their development.

When your toddler has been successfully walking with a degree of confidence, it’s time to look for their first pair of shoes. Measure your child’s feet, or have them measured professionally, to ensure comfort and the correct fit before purchasing shoes. For convenience, opt for a slip-on shoe with elastic or velcro fastenings that can be put on and removed easily, whilst remaining secure on their feet.  


Even if your little one hasn’t mastered walking yet, but is becoming more active at home, it may be time to look at shoes to protect their feet. Wooden floors and tiles can make for a hazardous, slippery surface for explorative crawlers. There are specially designed pre-walking shoes on the market which are made of soft materials and a flexible, non-slip sole which work well to prevent trips, whilst protecting tiny toes.


While slippers are adorable and comfortable, they are much better suited for home use and should only be worn for short periods. This is due to them providing a feeling of insecurity which causes toes to curl up, which may impact the child learning new walking skills. Stick to slippers after bathtime to keep feet warm.
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