Rock’n’Roll Diesel

Fashion trends may come and go, but a rock’n’roll look will always be in style.

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From the sequins and glitter of glam-rockers like David Bowie, to the disheveled and understated plaid of Kurt Cobain – rocker style oozes a cool aura. Diesel have run with this concept this season, with a truly complete rock’n’roll collection that is perfect for mixing and matching in any child’s wardrobe. To help you nail this edgy aesthetic, we here at Chocolate Clothing HQ have put together our top picks from the collection.

Make a Statement

A staple of any self-respecting rock chick or dude’s wardrobe is a leather jacket. A sturdy leather piece can instantly revamp any outfit, giving it a more expensive look. Pair the jacket with a ripped or skinny jeans this season for a casual look. Alternatively, mix your leathers with a pretty dress to add edge to your girl’s formal attire. Mixing textured such as feminine lace or luxurious velvet with leather is the ideal way to achieve that 90’s grunge look which is super popular this season. Check out our favourite leather jackets from the collection below!


Girl’s Black Leather Jacket with Stud Detailing, £351, Boy’s Black Leather with Large Pockets, £351

Make it Sparkle

A rock’n’roll look doesn’t mean your little girl can’t also be feminine. A great way to add a girly look to a rock-inspired wardrobe is through sequins. The sparkly detailing can add texture whilst reflecting light, which is perfect for preventing any all-black ensemble from looking way too gothic. T-shirt, dresses and even shoes are all items to encrust with sequins to enhance that rocker edge. However, try to stick to one sequined piece per outfit. Less is more when it comes to these sparkly details, and it can easily become overpowering.


Girl’s Black Sequin Dress with Mesh Detailing, £85, Girl’s Grey Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Rebel Text Print, £62, Girl’s Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Gold lip Print, £26

Pop of Colour

It can sometimes be too easy to instantly gravitate towards black when trying to create a rock’n’roll look, after all it is a shade that never goes out of style and always carried an air of coolness. However, you can easily go over-bored with the shade creating a quite gloomy aesthetic. To prevent this, inject a pop of colour in an easy-to-wear and subtle way through their accessories – hats, jewellery and belts in vibrant colours can be as understated or bold as you like.

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So there you have it, our top tips to getting that rock’n’roll look with autumn/winter. All the pieces featured in this blog can be purchased both on our website and flagship store. Go forth and rock on!


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