Orange Is The New Black – How To Style This Seasons Hottest Colour

Every season has its signature colour. This single hue manages to influence designer collections each season, and usually reflects the popular zeitgeist of that time. This spring/summer sees orange take the spotlight, with designers such as Junior Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld and Little Marc Jacobs all featuring the shade in their collections. However, orange can be an extremely tricky shade to wear. Nevertheless, Chocolate Clothing is here once more to help. We’ve put together a simple guide to injecting this season’s hottest shade into your child’s closet.

Little Funny girl in baseball cap and orange blouse. Isolated on gray background

Hints of Orange

As we all know orange is a rather daring colour, and it can be extremely difficult to persuade your little one to wear it. To get around this issue, try looking for items of clothing with subtle hints of the colour rather than a full orange wash. This will help to soften the shock of such a bold colour, and make the shade a little more wearable for daily wear. T-shirts, dresses and even shorts are all great items to help with this.


Billybandit boys grey sweatshirt with lion print, £23.10, Carrement Beau girl’s orange striped dress, £23.10, Boy’s orange reversible Little Marc Jacobs shorts, £44.80

Take it Tribal

Another great way to inject orange into your child’s closet is through tribal prints. This is perfect for summer as the interesting patterns break up the striking colour whilst reflecting the exotic weather of the season. Look for tribal print dresses, skirts and t-shirts to really add variety to the trend. Junior Gaultier has particularly picked up on this tropical vibe, and has created a number of orange-based tribal print garments – see below for some examples.


Junior Gaultier girls orange dress with multicoloured tribal print, £37, Junior Gaultier girls orange skirt with multicoloured stripe print, £29, Girl’s white Junior Gaultier dress with leopard print and orange panel, £29

Be Bold and Beautiful

If your child really is a trend-setter then why not take the bull by the horns and embrace the orange trend wholy. Invest in an item of clothing that is a solid block of orange glory, such as a t-shirt, trousers or a jumpsuit. This really is best way to bring the tropical vibe to your little one’s wardrobe if styled right . Here’s some key pieces that can help your child achieve the look.


Girl’s orange Carrement Beau jumpsuit with frill detailing, £36.40, Girl’s peach BillieBlush cardigan with silver bow detailing and multicoloured glass buttons, £19.60, Baby boy’s orange Roberto Cavalli Junior trousers with leather tag, £50.50

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