Monnalisa A/W17 Clothing with ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs’ Theme

If there’s one thing young girls love, it’s Disney. So, they’ll be thrilled to know that there’s a kids designer clothing brand that is bringing some of their favourite characters to life on high quality garments. That brand is Monnalisa, and if you’re a fan of theirs, you’ll know that this designer brand is one that does things a little different. Each season, Monnalisa uses a different Disney character or theme to feature on many of their key pieces and the A/W 2017 collection does just that; this time, it’s ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarves’.

Monnalisa Kids Designer Clothing

Monnalisa clothing is a firm favourite with us and for good reason. The Disney designs are perfect for young girls, whether it’s a baby you’re shopping for or someone more mature, because they’re just so enjoyable and fun to wear. It’s rare to find designer childrenswear that offers the same whimsy and fantasy that the characters do, especially whilst maintaining a stylish and trendy look, but Monnalisa has nailed it with this range. When it comes to this brand clothing, you’re sure to love the pieces just as much as your daughters will.

Here are some of Chocolate Clothing’s favourite Monnalisa pieces:

1 – Monnalisa Dress With Snow White and Cloud Detailing: If you’re looking for a Monnalisa dress that really captures ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarves’ for the brilliant fairytale that it is, this is ideal. The fine detailing really creates something unique and the vivid colours stand out as something special.

2 – Monnalisa Baby Lilac Baby Grow: When it comes to cute and comfortable baby grows, this one is ideal. It perfectly combines the necessary practicality of a baby grow, with beautiful detailing and a disney print.

3 – Monnalisa Girls Disney Print Trainers: The girls’ Monnalisa designer clothing doesn’t stop at dresses and baby grows, it extends to include footwear. These Disney print trainers will delight any girl who is a fan of Snow White, whilst adding something special to a practical shoe.

4- Monnalisa Girls Bashful Dwarf Sweatshirt: There’s no reason why designer childrenswear can’t be practical, as shown by this fantastic Monnalisa sweatshirt. With Bashful being one of the fairytale’s most popular characters, it’s sure to delight any young girl.
At Chocolate Clothing we stock Monnalisa Girls and Monnalisa Baby in the A/W Monnalisa collection, meaning your little princesses are covered from baby grows to Disney dresses. Browse the collection today.

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